General Guidelines:

  • Once an exhibition's submission deadline has been reached, no image substitution or changes will be permitted.

  • All submitted artwork must be original.

  • Submitted artwork that is offensive, distasteful, negative, vulgar, or represents violence against humans or animals is unacceptable.

  • Submitted artwork that is political is unacceptable.

  • All decisions regarding exhibition and winners are FINAL.

  • All selected artwork must remain in the exhibition for the entire duration.

  • Artists' contact information will not be shared on this website unless the artist requests for their contact information to be shared.

  • Northern Light Gallery does not handle the sale of artwork.

  • Northern Light Gallery reserves the right to cancel, extend, or change exhibition dates or content at any time.

Northern Light Gallery reserves the right to remove any artwork, at their discretion, that does not follow the criteria above and/or an exhibition's rules (which are viewable on an exhibition's Prospectus).

Usage Rights:

By submitting artwork into a Northern Light Gallery exhibition, the artist who has their artwork selected for an exhibition agrees that Northern Light Gallery is granted usage of the artwork for display, promotion, marketing, email newsletters, press releases, and for the use on the Northern Light Gallery website and social media platforms. The artist's name will be displayed with the artwork. The artwork and artist's name will also be archived on this website and will be available for public view. The artist maintains all copyrights of their images/artworks. Images/artwork cannot be resold, copied, exchanged, or downloaded from this website without permission from the artist.

For any questions or concerns, please email us at:


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