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Steampunk Pug

Never Alone

"I want to share my creations in the hope that they will bring joy, peace, smiles, and maybe even a giggle or two. I believe God has blessed me with this talent or ability and wants me to use it positively to share His love with others.  While most of my work is not what many consider Christian, if the images bring positivity or comfort, God is reaching them through my work.  There are many times I'm praying while creating, which is the case with the "Never Alone" piece I recently did.  Having MDD, I can relate to those with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.  Much of what I feel and experience due to my mental illness goes into my work.  Just as a lot of my love of God does too. As with many other artists, my creations are therapeutic for me by giving me the ability to manage my major depressive disorder. I also want to get back into writing devotional blogs or short stories using my images to add illustrations to them."

Raccoon Violinist

Jesus Christ

About the Artist:

My name is Cynthia (Cindy) Newby, and I live in Virginia, the United States of America.  I am self-taught in digital art, AI art, and acrylic painting.  I started painting in acrylics in 2015 when my father died, and my mother had to be moved out of town to a dementia care facility. I was introduced to painting by an art therapist and find painting very relaxing.  I find the most enjoyment in painting animals (usually just the heads) and abstract-type pieces. I have a Christian website,

I have written several Christian devotional blogs published on my website and wrote my first short story in 2022. I have recently been introduced to digital art/AI art and have developed a passion for AI art.  My main focus now is improving my digital and AI art skills. I also want to get back into writing blogs or short stories and use some of my images with those. 

In the Arms of Jesus

Romanticism Landscape

Sad Eyes

Book of Love

Surprised Owl