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Welcome to our online art gallery. Here you will find a place for artists across the world to showcase their best works in open competition. As most artists know, exposure for their work is the best way for them to become known and make a living with their art. To help with this, our shows have many awards that will help bring recognition to their work and validity to their expertise. Being able to show an award with your artwork helps tremendously to that end. All accepted entries into exhibitions will receive some form of an award. 

Through our many online accounts, your work(s) will get exposure on most major social media platforms, along with being on this site for no less than 6 months. Top winners will receive a critique about their winning art from the judge, that they will be able to post wherever they may choose with their award(s). 

We will be holding a total of no less than 40 exhibitions per year. This includes 24 exhibitions dedicated to different subject matters, 6 medium-exclusive events, 4 major seasonal events, and at least 6 free-to-enter events. A schedule of these can be found on the 'Call for Artists' page.

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